My name is afra masoud almehairbi .I am 18 years old.I was born in Abu Dhabitumblr_lel3ioolQU1qecw6eo1_400_large.jpg
nd studied in hunain school . I am interested in watch movie ,fishing which helps
me to be patient and take photos and design . I like blue colour that make me
happy and relaxes because it is the colour of the sky and sea .I have many
targets in my life. The first is to be active citizen in my country by complete
my study with the major I like .I would like to study social studies to develop
my country and help people who need .Now I am study in ZU in level 6 to
improve my English to make my dream come true .

Wedding with shark


Micheal curry and April Bignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis marine park aquarium in new York in June 7th 2010 . Use radio headset ,Michael and April exchanged vows with friend and family on Sunday. People joked by saying that it wil begin as a traditional wedding , but little weird her parents said she is a unique girl .For example, she want to be an auto mechanic when she was younger the couple said they did not except so much traditional from a media. April and the most difficult part was convincing her mom.

Lizzie velasques

Lizzie velasques is one of only three people in the world who has a rare disease that keeps her from gaining a weight Lizzie is 20-years-old, blind in one eye and has never weighted more than 6opounds (lbs) (28 kg ). Lizzie was so small when she was born 21 pounds (lbs)(1kg) – that her parents had to dress her in doll closes . Lizzie life have been difficult people often stare at her and say mean things. However, her parents always treated her as a normal child .Her mother kept a diary of Lizzies’s life and all the difficulties she is survived.To day lizziw is a healthy person and travel around the countries telling her story inspired people with her courage to be a normal person .

summary Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a dangerous disease which affects the bones. People with Osteoarthritis often have joint pain and reduced motion .that disease can develop and may be the patient can’t ever move .it is spread is overweight people .these patients have special food like tuna ,orgasmic fruit and vegetables. This disease can’t be cured , so we take care about our self .

1.1 A women named late Mori lives with her husband Masao in Canada .Kate is a Kindgarten teacher ,
and she speaks English and French . Kate also studied Japanese and art history at night school .
kate and her husband like to go to are galleries .She also plays tennis and goes tennis and goes skating on the canal.

1.2 Kate just got married to Masao , Who is Japanese to be able to speak with her family.
Masao tried to help her , hut cannot concentrate at home .

1.3 Kamel is student at university ,he is studying chemistry.
And he love learning languages specially spianish,
He take a lesson to help him to read and understand spinach languause .

1.5 Natalie are from Trinidad and, this places has a lot of different type of music such as steel drum which made of normal drums and sticks. Moreover, Natalie have a lot of experience of music when she was little because of her tradition.

1.6 John called Cameron to see if he can go with him t
the festival on the weekend to see many stars, Cameron liked the idea and they will search for tickets and more friends to go with.

1.7 There is girl who love biking in the countryside with empty rode for feel free and to smell flower and tree.

The summry of the book

The title of my book is the future of a village , and it’s talk about Essauira, Essaouira is a very old village near the Atlantic ocean. It’s a fishing port and many of the local people are fishermen in this village, you can see fishing boats around the port, and many of Essauira people work as a fishermen, but now it’s not a very good job, and there are three causes . First the number of fish has decrease ,and some fishermen moved to south morocco. Second, many of small boats leave the port because they can’t do better than the big boats because big boats can catch more fishes. Third, because now the life of a fisherman is hard ,sometimes they work for a whole day then they take two days off. However, the old village changed to a new town with a big economic changes. In addition, thousands of tourists are visiting Essaouira from all over the world . This tourism has brought a lot of money to the town .This town has a history that can go back in time to a different place, but this changes that have been made to develop the tourism brought a lot of problems for the local culture. For instance, environment can be worse because of pollution that came from tourism. The future of their beautiful village may depend on the decisions to control pollution .Finally, any development in any place should keep the old tradition, and I recommend you to read this interesting book .



1. diabetes is disease that the body does not produces any insulin .It’s comes from the food that we eat it daily like bread ,
rice,sugar and sweet food . We need insulin to help glucose inter our cells to get energy .
diabetic need treatment to be as normal as possible .

2. There are 2 type of diabetes . According to quick medical type 2 is more common than type 1,type 1 diabetes
causes when the body cannot produce any insulin and it’s appears befor the age of 40 . On the other hand ,
type 2 become when the body does not enough insulin .


3. Type 2, which is most common in tangiers and young adults and it’s called “ adult onset diabetes .

4.Type 2 diabetes spread in women during pregnancy and childbirth. And it called“gestational diabetes “


5. type 2 diapetes spread in overweight young people around the world .its causes by body
fat and its difficult for the cells to respond yo insulin .

6. 2.They are two main reasons for diabetes. The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason
is genetic cause which is more common.
7.Type 2 diabetes has many symptoms, first increased tiredness , and people spend a lot of the time in the bathroom
,unexplained hunger, thirst and blurred vision .
8. Only doctor give a proper diagnosis. Not all patient how have these symptoms should have types 2 diabetes .
E .
9. We should treat type 2 diabetes because it will develop into heart disease
and other health problems like kidney damage.
10. Patients with type 2 diabetes need to take care about their healthy diet
and do exercises . Exercises make their muscles use up more glucose .


1.Type to diabetes disease is develops because it is genetic disease and can be transmitted from mother to daughter by genetics. So the daughter should prevent diabetes by eating healthy food ,do activities that she enjoys like exercise. Also teach the daughter about fast food that contains fat and calories to have normal life without any disease .

2 . All patients with diabetes should take advice from a dietitian. Every patient will get different advice depending on the type of diabetes. Dietitians should take the weight and activity levels for the patient. If you have an insulin or certain medication you will take snacks between meals .

3. Most people with diabetes can eat with sugar as the total amount of carbohydrates. They can also eat consistent snacks between the meals. Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy in your life .

baby found in the middle of the road

On May 19th,2011,abus driver was driving down the road at night when
he saw a baby sitting in the middle of the road. At first he thought it was a dog.
However ,he could not believe her eyes when he stopped the bus, got out and OVE64JROF_pre.jpg
saw a young girl. A few second later , the babes father coming running out of the houses,
pick up the baby, and ran back to the house without saying ,anything to bus driver.
The girl is two-years-old Destiny flores .Her mother ,who is -25-years-old ,says that
she has no idea how destiny got out of the houses .Perhaps she did not lock the door
and the little girl go outside. Now,the police are questioning the mother .

Man hit by car

A shocking video show a young man named Shawn mills being hit head-on by a car.
He was thrown 15 feet ( 5 meters) into the air and landed on the top of car and then under the bus.
He has a very serious back ,head and leg injuries Incredibly .However, he lives but he does not r
emember anything. Shawn was lucky because people stop immediately to help him .
His lowers trying to get money from the city because the bus should not drop off people on
this kind of the road ,it is very dangerous ,Shawn is in a lot of pain , but he is recovering .

A man with pea

A man named Ron sveden become ill after a plant grew in his lungs apparently , pea_plant_guy405.jpgRon inhaled a peawhile eating dinner on day. The result was that the pea grew into a plant inside his lung, which collapsed .Doctor were afraid it was somethingseriouslike cancer, but after they did tests they realize what happened. Ron wascoughing a lot but he was happy to learn that it was not serious . Infect,his first meal inthe hospital included pea after they removed the plant .

Public Information sheet – what is botulism ?

What does botulism mean?

botulism is a muscle-paralyzing disease(p.27). It is happened because a toxin (venom) that made by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum . also the bacteria always not Dangerous except infants and some people.

There are three main types of botulism :
. the first type of botulism is by eating foods containthe toxin.
. infant botulism that is caused by bacteria when babe is not have enough bacteria in their stomachs to stop toxins developing.
.injure botulism occurs when you have injures with abacteria which causes toxin .

How is botulism spread ?

Botulism does not spread from person to person , butfrom botulism food . The bacteria will occur when there is no oxygen present inthe food so we should heat the food before we eat it to kill the bacteria. However , infants can get food botulism also by eating food which containbacteria.

What are the symptoms ?

According to the reading , wound botulism and foodborne can produce the symptoms. It include blurred, dry mouth , difficulty swallowing , muscle weakness and paralysis. Some people can’t breathe because of this disease. It is unfortunate that it may cause death.

How son do symptoms appear after exposure ?

The symptoms for food borne botulism appear after 12 to 36 hours .In fact botulism symptoms appear between 3 and 30 days after ingestion of the bacteria .But symptoms appear in wound botulism between 4 and 14 days .after exposure to the bacteria .

How is botulism diagnosed?

The patient who may have botulism should get special tests because there are many diseases that have the same symptoms of botulism.

How is botulism treated ?

Botulism can be deadly if not treated . you can treat botulism by anti – toxin that can decrease the symptoms of the illness . Anti – toxin is not allowed in cases of infant botulism .

What foods can lead to botulism ?

Botulism are often connected with home - canned foods that have a low acid content , such as green deans and corn ,atc . But it usually occurred from unusual sources like garlic in oil and also honey can contain botulism bacteria .

How can botulism be prevented ?

People who do home canning should be clean and follow strict hygiene procedures .To reduce contamination of food . They should but the food in high temperatures to destroy the botulism toxin . And the people who eat home canned food should boiled it for 10 min before eating it .

Back to basics

Text - p 50
1_ People with back problems have rising numbers in recent years. Studies show that Britain , at least 5.5 million are people re-examined by doctors annually. Some of cases can become more serious.

2_ According to study showed that an estimated one in four people over the age of 65 have back pain While it is not common between young people.

3_ We need to know why most people have problem with their back. Also we all have 33 small bones that are called vertebrae.

4_ There are two main causes of this disease .The first cause that a disc is damaged in some way . And the most common cause when the muscles are strained . It happens if you do a hard activity or something like that . Also , stress and tension can increase the amount of pain .

5_ The main cause of back pain is our inactive modern lifestyles . the best solution for back pain is keeping active , and doing exercise . For example , people who are physically fit generally get less back pain and cure faster if they do get.

6_ A lot of people think that when you are having a back pain you should rest on your bed , but it is not true. In fact, back care said that you should keep moving and continue your normal activities is the best course. But , if your back did not get batter you should visit the doctor.

Bus driver
A 40-year-old bus driver in Oregon was caught reading a kindlewhile driving a bus full of passengers during rush-hour on a I-5,which is a major highway. A passenger used a cell phone tosecretly film Lahcan Qouchbane. Passengers were shockedto see reading while driving. Some passenger called the companyto complain. When Qouchbane reading while driving. Some passengerscalled the company to complain. When q realized he was filmed,he told the passenger that electronic devices are not allowed on a bus!The driver got in trouble but was not fired.




Now a day there are a lot of new disease that we don’t have it before one of this disease is a botulism that threatens human life . Botulism is a muscle parlay zing disease caused by a toxin (poison) made by the bacteria clostridium botulisnum (Reading) . In this essay I will discuss some of the causes and effects of Botulism.

There are a number of causes of botulism. There are three type of botulism .First , food born botulism , which is the most common type . That is caused by eating food that contains the toxin (Reading). The second , type 2 infant botulism that is caused by bacteria when bay is not stop to in developing . (Reading).Third , injury botulism occurs when you have injures with a bacteria spread from person to person to person (Reading) . Actually , botulism is a bacteria spread from person to person to person (Reading) . Actually , botulism is often in canned food that have low acid content, Such as corn , green deans , but it usually occurs from unusual sources like garlic in oil (Reading)
Botulism has many negative effects in the body .First of the all , Symptoms for food Botulism has many negative effects in the body . First of the all , Symptoms for food Botulism has many negative effects in the body. First of the all , Botulism has many negative effects in the body . First of the all , Symptoms for food borne botulism usually develop in 12 to 36 hours after ingestion of contaminated food That affects the her vous system . The ses can include muscle weakness, muscle paralysis , and slurred speech . (Reading) Second , this disease causes respiratory paralysis and leaves the person unable to breath. However , it many cause death . (Reading) . Finally infant botulism symptoms appear between 3 and 30 days after ingestion of the bacteria and the that often become constipated . They stop eating and become slow – moving (Reading).

To conclude , there are several causes of botulism . For example , food born that contains the toxin , infant botulism , and injury botulism . As a result , botulism has serpus medical consequences . For instance , people often have double vision dry mouth , muscle weakness and unable to breath . Finally , I hope sure about how clean food to have a happy life without diseases .

Back pain


Back pain is serious disease which affects the body. Also known as abrslgial back pain is felt in the back usually originates from muscles back pain is one of the most common diseases and the number of people with back problems has been rising more quickly over recent years. In this essay I will discuss some of the cause and effect of back pain.

There are 3 causes of pain. First, the most common cause is when the muscles are strained. This can happen when you have been doing a tiring activity or when you have been sitting in an awkward position for a long time(Reading).Second back caused when discs are damaged , which is known as a slipped disc (reading) .However, the important cause is our bad lifestyle without any exercise or any physical move that causes a lot of pain back (Reading) .

Back pain has many negative effects on body. First of all, it is affects in the spine and muscles .It could also effect in your body which are not related to the spine such as kidney disease .However, back injures can create a great deal of family tension for example, some one cannot get out of bed or has to spend time in hospital(Reading).furthermore ,the family may need to find baby sitter, and they may also be financial costs( Reading).for instance ,back trouble that can seriously impact on your quality of life(Reading).

To conclusion ,there are several cause of back pain .For example , when muscles are strained ,disc damaged and bad life style. As a result ,back pain has serious medical consequences. For instance, it can inspire muscles ,kidney and deal of family tension with the patient .Finally, I have some a device that anyone who feel back pain should see a doctor. I hope for you all a normal and happy life with out any disease.

Domestic transformed

Hong Kong is one of the most populated cities in the world
with 7 million people. It is surrounded by mountains and a very
busy sea port. Apartments are very small and real estate is
very expensive, so many families live together in very small
crowded apartments. Architect, Gary Chang designed his
344 sq. ft.(14 sq. m.) apartment to be able to change into 24
different designs by moving walls around. Gary grew up in a very
small crowded apartment with his family, so he decided to
find a solution for this in his job as an architect. Garry calls
his apartment the “Domestic Transformer “ because with
his moving wall system Any room can be changed into another .

plastic Bottle Island

A man named Richie Sowa quit his job as a carpenter and sold all of his things,Island.jpg
so that he could create his own island paradise. Richie built his island,
which floats on plastic-bottles, in Mexico. It’s took him almost 3 years
to find enough bottles, which he made by using fishing nets. Then he
got a lot of sand from a nearby beach and put it on top to create a
foundation. He grows plants, fruits and vegetables on the island, such
as bananas, coconuts, spinach, almonds and tomatoes. He has a bathroom,
a solar cooker and even a washing machine! He lives on the island with
his two cats, a little puppy, chickens and a duck. The Mexican government
likes his idea so much that they made his island a part of Mexico.
His goal is to one day sail his island around the world!


The movie about a girl who went to Europe with her parents
while she was there she met a guy but she didn’t know
that he is a spy. She pretended that she is sick to go
on a date without her parents knowing . when she went out
to the date her parents was in the same
place by coincident. Then she lied about knowing her father .

Fan boys

summary and record

one sunny day man was walking through the city on his ways to work. Suddenly, it started to rain .The man saw the taxi and started to running a ten-Dollar bill fell from his pocket .

Osman was travelled to USA and he got a plane from Germany ,there is a big guy was wearied a biker jacket ,who sit next to Osman and stared to chat. He was a good guy .After that Osman visited Germany a gain and turned television and saw a man in news .He is a top manager for the harly-Davidson clothing company in Germany .

Annie went to Montpellier two years ago. She was looking for a restaurant.SO she sat at table for two. However one man arrived and asked she if he could sit at a table with Annie. She Saied he was a really nice person and we became pen friends but of course I have my boyfriend

Astrin learning French by reading children book’s because the sentences are very simple .
Tom learning German by change the language on his computer games to German.
Masha learning new language by watching DVD with subtitles .


Valerie visit his old friend in Vancouver every three or four months ,and he like to live in Vancouver ,but he can’t ,because he live in Montreal with small business.


Thiago pay eight postcards and its cost forty pounds ,and he ask for if he can pay by card ,but finally he pay cash .
Thiagojust finish her meal and the waitress ask him if he want dessert menu and he say that he want some Coffey ,and he pay by card .
Thiago buy a ticket for museum exhibits from assistant that cost fifty .


When you go over to someone ‘s house for dinner in Canada ,you should bring with you gift .The other thing to remember is that you have to take your shoes off when you get at the house .
There are a few rules in Japanese in hot spring first that you go into washing room with a lot of soap. After that you can get into the hot spring .finally you can’t make a lot of noise because the people relax there .


John read any article and he agree with it ,and it’s about that people shouldn’t tell about how much they earn because it is private thing.


The summer months in India are very hot so most of people wearing long clothes which cover everything .they drink special drink like mango and cold drink to helps to cool their body .
Moscow is very cold in winter ,it’s usually minus five to minus ten degrees Celsius , people in Moscow wear heavy clothes and boots .a lots of people in Moscow prefer to escape the winter and go to hotter counties .


An interviewer ask Sally if she go to any fitness center , and her opinion in this center in facilities ,pool ,Souna and machines .

Common cold

There are many changes that happen in the earth. These changes pollute the environment and cause many diseases. There are many common illnesses, such as headache and cold. The common cold is a very familiar illness which develops in winter. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of the common cold.
There are two main causes of the common cold .the first cause is the cold which caused by cold outside and air condition .For example, if the weather is cold outs side. people will stay at home, and they will turn on the air condition which makes air dry by removing moisture or water from the air (reading).the dry air makes the inside of the our noses dry. That will destroy the ability of our noses to protect us from viruses (Reading). The second reason is that rhinoviruses are nose viruses in Greek .For instance viruses can spread between people by touch ,so we can find a lot of viruses on doors public telephones, chairs ,tables money and food (Reading).

There are many effects of common cold. The common cold will affect the upper part of the respiratory tract, which includes our noses, our throat, and the upper part of our airways (Reading). The effect of common cold in the upper part of the respiratory track causes sneeze, cough, headache, slight fever, fell pain, and loss of appetite (Reading). Also, the common cold can affect the ability of the work and study, because the systoms can last between a few days and two weeks. For example, when people get the common cold, they will take several days off school or off work that will make them missing school, and work (Reading).
To conclude, there are two main causes of common cold, which is cold and nose viruses .Also, there are many effect of common cold, such as sneezing, coughing and watering eyes. Finally I hope people take care of them self from viruses cold until the scientists find cure.

Fast food

Nowadays there are many changes in the world which affect people’s lives and health , and the biggest change in this time is food habits changing .Many people prefer fast food . In fact , there are more than 30,000 fast food restaurant in the world . In this essay I will mention some of the causes and effects of eating fast food .

There are several causes for eating fast food . First, people work many hours , so they have no time to cook . As a result , they buy fast food because it is available any time (Reading). Second , fast food is cheaper than the uncooked food and takes less time to be ready .Also “fast food become more important than food that basic need of life”(Reading). Third , 75% of young people prefer to eat fast food such as pizza , pasta , burger , hotdog , and junk food because they like the taste (Reading) .

There are several effects of eating fast food . First , it effects badly on the body . We may gain weight , and it affects the hormones . Second, it affects energy . For example , when we eat fast food we feel full and dizzy . Also , we feel lazy (Reading).Third, the oil they use for cooking meet and chips is not clean because they heat it over and over again .They do not change it , so it damages the health . Also, “fast food restaurant are not popular with everyone many people are anti-fast food .One argument against them is that they produce food, which is high in fats , cholesterol and sault “ (Reading) . In addition , some people always eat fast food and some fast food is expensive , so they waste a lot of money on fast food (Reading). `

To conclude , there are some causes for eating fast food , which are no time to cook , fast food is cheaper and available any time . Also , most people prefer it , especially young people . The effects of eating fast food are gaining some weight , and losing some energy . I wish everyone to eat more healthy food to be healthy and stay alive .

Mall interview

here are Expatriates who work in the UAE. They left their countries from many different countries , and we can notice them working at salons, malls, and bakeries. We can see them everywhere working hard to live . Yesterday ,we went to a trip to the marina mall with my classmates to interview some Expatriates about their lives in the UAE .We left the university at 10 AM, and all the girls start to interview different workers. Our interview with Marshal doga from Philippines, who works in Furniture shop. In this essay, I will write the causes and effects that make them work in the UAE.

There are important causes for expatriate marshal to consider working in UAE. First of all, the hard life that marshal had living in a poor and crowded village in the Philippines . For example, marshal family work very hard only to provide food for living . Secondly, Marshal has a big family, and she is the oldest among her siblings. Marshal feels responsible to play a role model in her family. Furthermore, marshal left her country because of the widespread unemployment and homelessness. Which causes crimes in her village .Finally, low per capita income in the Philippines . For example salaries for servants in the UAE are far better than the employees’ salaries in the Philippines .

There are important effects that impact Marshal life when she came to the UAE .First effect ,she live safely and freely in the UAE with all her rights ,where are no crimes or infringement of rights .second effect marshal works very hard all day long to provide money for her family ,So she didn’t had enough time to enjoy herself. For instance, Marshal likes people of the UAE and she feels that she is a step close to home ,because most people in UAE are nice ,kind and fair whoever you are .

To conclude, there are many expatriates living a tough life in the UAE. Marshal from Philippines is one of the expatriates who left her country for important causes. For example: poverty, responsibility and low salaries in her country .there are also other effects like safety ,quiet life and money providing . There are many factors that force Expatriates to leave their countries, but all Expatriates sacrifice some of the things they like to better provide for their families and love ones.


Every country has its own culture that make it more special than other countries in a lot of things like customs and traditions. Everyone has “National identity” that means the feeling of who they are and where they come from. And now a days there is a big problem in the world called “Globalization” that means all the cultures are the same. In this essay I will write about the causes and effects of “Globalization”. (Reading)

First of all there are many causes of “Globalization”. People in developed countries are growing richer in recent years. That means the people have a lot of money to spend on unimportant and silly things (Reading). Second, GCC countries have the youngest population on earth. “To be exact more than 25% million people under the age of 20” because the category of young people have more influence in the community (Reading). Furthermore, we cannot forget the strongest influences of media that came from western countries like the USA. For example, television programs, music and computer software. Hollywood makes 80% of the movies that are seen worldwide (Reading).

There are several effects on globalization. First, “global media are making the world into a single culture and so causing the loss of different cultural identities.” (Reading). Second, “world society is all the same. This new culture” is acting against national identities , and people lose their traditional (Reading). Third, Western influences in the forms of life like clothes, hair style, Rap music, restaurant and cafes. For instance, western movies and media tend to be popular because there are fun and interesting, so people prefer western media to their own cultures (Reading). As a result, some countries put a law like South Korea and Malaysia that 80% of movies have to be in Malay language. In addition, the Brazilian government requires a 5% tax on foreign films (Reading).

To conclude, there are several causes of globalization like disposable income, generally large youth population and global media. As a result, we lose our national identity. However, who will know what will happen to us in the future, so we have to maintain the national identity for the development and progress.

Tourism essay

There were nearly 7.43 million tourists in the UAE in 2010.The united Arab Emirate is one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destination. The UAE was occupies rank fourth in tourism in the middle east. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effect of increased tourism in the UAE .

There are many causes of increased tourism in the UAE . First of all , the UAE has a strategic location. To illustrate , “ due to its location the UAE has been able to act as connection link between Europe and Indian subcontinent ( example essay .com). second , the UAE has all the requirements for a fun holiday such as sun , sea , sports , unbeatable shopping , top – class hotels , and restaurants (UAE interact).third , the UAE is a safe country compared to some countries . For instance , in the UAE you can go out any time you want .we can see elderly people walk in the street at 12 p.m. However , in some countries you must stay at 7 p.m.

On the other hand ,there are many effects of increased tourism in the UAE .Firstly, tourism affects on the local economy. For example “ the tourist dollar ($) is now a significant part of the local economy ,something which is very important when we think about uncertain future of increase from oil”(www.ugru.uae.ac.ae). Secondly, tourist can language, tradition and culture .To illustrate, tourists can transfer their change and affect our cultures. Finally ,tourists pollute the environment .For example, most places that attract tourists are the natural areas. There is a close relationship environment .When the number of tourism increase in the natural areas ,the pollution of the environment will increase because of the waste (www.appapers.com) .

To sum up ,there are many cause of increased tourism in the UAE such as location, safety and welfare. Also there are many effects of increased tourism in the UAE such as is an impact on the economy ,culture and the environment .Moreover ,while the disadvantages of tourism are certainly understandable ,the benefits offered by tourism make it well worldwide. Therefore, in my opinion, its advantage outweigh the drawbacks.