About me
My name is Aisha Ahmed .I'm 18 years old. I study in ZU .I'm currently in the early stages , but I don't know what I want to be in the future yet. However I like going to ZU because it is amazing place to study in it and it provides fun and educational environment. Will let me tell about myself I belong to amazing family with a grate mother and father also I am blessed with 3 brother and one sister who means the world to me. My favorite hobbies are reading books especially of romance and adventure, take pictures because I think that the photo can embrace the moment for us to remember it later and I like spending a lot of time watching T.V . I don't have any favorite color I love all the colors in the world because each one of them refers to something special .


Wedding with sharks
Michael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at Atlantis marine park aquarium in New York on June 7,2010.Using radio headsets, Michael and April exchange vows with friends and family on Sunday. April joked by saying that it will begin as traditional wedding ,but it will get a little weird. Her parents said she is an unique girl. For example, she wanted to be auto mechanic when she was younger. The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media. April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom.



Lizzie Velasquez
Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people in the world who has a rare disease that keeps her from gaining weight. Lizzie is -20- years old, blind in one eye and has never weighed more than 60 pounds (1bs) (28kg). Lizzie was so small when she was born _21 pounds (1bs) (1kg)_ that her parents had to dress her in doll clothes. Lizzie’s life has been difficult. People often stare at her and say mean things. However, her parents always treated her as a normal child. Her mother has kept a diary of Lizzie’s life and all the difficulties she’s survived. Today Lizzie is a healthy person and travels around the country telling her story and inspiring people with her courage to be normal person.



Osteoarthritis is a earnest bone disease .In the beginning of this diseases one can hardly know the symptoms , but over time the condition develops and causes a lot of pain . After the condition develops , the patient maybe cannot move or walk easily . there is no medicine for this condition . However , the treatment can help the person to move and walk. The treatment has different kinds of food that helps to reduce the pain . A good example for these foods are cold water , fish , organic fruit , vegetables , nuts , and whole grains .The most people who are attacked by osteoarthritis are overweight people , because that those people should avoid food which has a lot of saturated fat .

Text – p .161_Diabetes controls how the body uses glucose. Glucose is the most important type of sugar that we can find in our blood and it provides for us energy. We can find in certain food like bread, rice, sugar and sweet food. The amount of glucose is connected with the insulin, so people which have diabetics their body does not produce enough of insulin. As a result their blood glucose levels become too high.
2_It’s talked about two types of diabetes, the one which shows before age 40 (your body doesn’t produce any insulin). And we can treat it by insulin injections and changing the diet. The other type is when the body’s insulin doesn’t do the fullest job by producing enough insulin, and it’s the most common.
1_Another type of diabetes called “adult onset diabetes” , because most people get it in the age of 35. Moreover type 2 has been developing in young people and even in children. 2_The majority people with diabetes are women, because of circumstances during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes women who have diabetes during pregnancy and who have given birth to large babies.
1_People who develop” adult onset diabetes “are overweight. They have too much body fat in their body, so they should do some exercise. The numbers of youngsters with type 2 diabetes increasing.
2_They are two main reasons for diabetes. The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason is genetic cause which is more common. D
7 . Symptoms of diabetes : - Increased tiredness.- Using the bathroom a lot.- Increased thirst and hunger.- Losing weight.- The person may can’t see clearly.
8.Most people who have type 2 diabetes are more likely to have high blood pressure. Also not everyone with type 2 diabetes has these symptoms. Only the doctor can give a proper diagnosis.
9. It is important to treat type 2 diabetes because this type of diabetes can lead you to a risk. For instance , it can lead to heart disease , blindness , eyesight problems , and kidney damage in some people .
10 . People with type 2 diabetes should do certain things to lower blood glucose levels like, eat a healthy diet and exercise, but if that does not work for them then they should use medication to lower the blood glucose levels.



Baby with a buss
In May 19, 2010, a bus driver was driving down the road at night when he saw` a baby setting in the middle of the road. At first, he thought it was a dog . however, he couldn't believe his eyes when he stopped the bus, got out and saw a young girl. A few seconds later, the baby's father came running out of the house, picked up the baby, and ran back to the house without saying anything to the bus driver. The girl is two-years-old, Destiny Flores. Her mother, who is 25-years-old says she has no idea how Destiny got out of the house. Perhaps she did not lock the door and the little girl went outside. Now the police are questioning the mother.


1_ Summry of the story

2_ Little girl and the bus

3_ Record listening scripts

1.1a woman named Kate Mori lives with her husband Masao in Canada . Kate is a kindergarten teacher , and she speaks English and French . Kate also studies Japanese and art history at night school . Kate and her husband like to go to art galleries . She also plays tennis and goes skating on the canal .

1.2Kate just got married to Masao , who is Japanese . She wants to learn Japanese to be able to speak with his family .Masao tired to help her , but concentrate at home.

1.3 a man called kemal like to learn Spanish and he would like to visit Spain after ha finish his studies.

1.4 - Natalie has alot of experience in music and she know how to play in a lot of instrument .


1.7 It is about a girl who loves motorbikes and she want to learn how to ride it. At first it was hard then it became easy and she feels that she is free when she ride the motorbike.

1.11 It is about a person who is an archaeologist and in the same time a student , because she is still doing a doctorate in archaeology.

1.15 It is about a person who is looking for work in certain areas . She has a lot of experience in sales , administration and she has a certificate in food safety for catering.


Man hit by a bus
A shocking video shows a young man named Shawn Mills being hit head on by a car. He was thrown 15 feet (5 meters ) in the air and landed on the top of the car and then under a bus. he has very series back, head and leg injuries. Incredibly, however, he lived , but he does not remember anything. Shawn was lucky because people stopped immediately to help him. His lawyer is trying to get money from the city because the bus should not drop people off in this kind of road. It is very dangerous. Shawn is in a lot of pain, but he is recovering.


Text B . page 2
1.Type 2 diabetes is a genetic disease and it is common to the people who are 40 years old . In addition , teenagers who are overweight and inactive are expose to get diabetes so we should be a good role model for them if we want them to avoid this disease .We can do a lot of things to educate them in many difference ways like training with them on regular basis , learn information about fast food and take your daughter with you to see a dietitian he will gave you a lot of useful advice to avoid this disease.

2. Every person with diabetes should have different advice from a dietitian . a meal plan will help you to repair your lifestyle . the advice given to each person will be different according to the type of diabetes , any other medical problems , and the medication you are taking for your diabetes . the dietitian will account your weight , and activity levels . if you are on insulin or certain medication to may have snacks to balance the effect of the insulin or medication.

3.If you have diabetes it does not mean that you cannot eat anything. In 1994 it was common that people who live with diabetes should avoid all sweets and desserts, but today the message is different. Most people who have diabetes can eat anything they want including sugar or not, it is up to them.



Man with pea
A man named Ron Sveden became ill after a plant grew in one of his lungs. Apparently , Ron inhaled a pea while eating dinner one day. The result was that the pea grew in to a plant inside his lung , which collapsed . Doctors were afraid it was something serious like cancer , but after they did tests they realized what happened . Ron was coughing a lot , but he was happy to learn that it was not serious. In fact , his first meal in the hospital in cloud peas after they removed the plant.



Relative Clause sentences
1_ I have a friend who has curly hair.
2_ ZU is the university that is located in Khalifa city.
3_ Abu Dhabi , which has a lot of natural beaches, is a very pretty city.
4_ I found a dog on my back yard , which belongs to my neighbor.
5_ Dubai , which has the tallest tower in the world , is a developed city.


Public Information sheet
what is botulism ?What does botulism mean?
botulism is a muscle-paralyzing disease(p.27). It is happened because a toxin (venom) that made by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum . also the bacteria always not Dangerous except infants and some people. There are three main types of botulism :. the first type of botulism is by eating foods contain the toxin.. infant botulism that is caused by bacteria when babies not have enough bacteria in their stomachs to stop toxins developing. Injure botulism occurs when you have injures with a bacteria which causes toxin .
How is botulism spread ?
Botulism does not spread from person to person , but from botulism food . The bacteria will occur when there is no oxygen present in the food so we should heat the food before we eat it to kill the bacteria. However , infants can get food botulism also by eating food which contain bacteria.
What are the symptoms ?
According to the reading , wound botulism and foodborne can produce the symptoms. It include blurred, dry mouth , difficulty swallowing , muscle weakness and paralysis. Some people can’t breathe because of this disease. It is unfortunate that it may cause death.
How son do symptoms appear after exposure ?
The symptoms for food borne botulism appear after 12 to 36 hours .In fact botulism symptoms appear between 3 and 30 days after ingestion of the bacteria .But symptoms appear in wound botulism between 4 and 14 days .after exposure to the bacteria .
How is botulism diagnosed?
The patient who may have botulism should get special tests because there are many diseases that have the same symptoms of botulism.
How is botulism treated ?
Botulism can be deadly if not treated . you can treat botulism by anti – toxin that can decrease the symptoms of the illness . Anti – toxin is not allowed in cases of infant botulism .
What foods can lead to botulism ?
Botulism are often connected with home - canned foods that have a low acid content , such as green deans and corn. But it usually occurred from unusual sources like garlic in oil and also honey can contain botulism bacteria .
How can botulism be prevented ?
People who do home canning should be clean and follow strict hygiene procedures .To reduce contamination of food . They should but the food in high temperatures to destroy the botulism toxin . And the people who eat home canned food should boiled it for 10 min before eating it .
What foods can lead to botulism ?
Botulism are often connected with home - canned foods that have a low acid content , such as green deans and corn ,atc . But it usually occurred from unusual sources like garlic in oil and also honey can contain botulism bacteria .

How can botulism be prevented ?People who do home canning should be clean and follow strict hygiene procedures .To reduce contamination of food . They should but the food in high temperatures to destroy the botulism toxin . And the people who eat home canned food should boiled it for 10 min before eating it .



Text - p 50
1_ People with back problems have rising numbers in recent years. Studies show that Britain , at least 5.5 million are people re-examined by doctors annually. Some of cases can become more serious.
2_ According to study showed that an estimated one in four people over the age of 65 have back pain While it is not common between young people.
3_ We need to know why most people have problem with their back. Also we all have 33 small bones that are called vertebrae.
4_ There are two main causes of this disease .The first cause that a disc is damaged in some way . And the most common cause when the muscles are strained . It happens if you do a hard activity or something like that . Also , stress and tension can increase the amount of pain .
5_ The main cause of back pain is our inactive modern lifestyles . the best solution for back pain is keeping active , and doing exercise . For example , people who are physically fit generally get less back pain and cure faster if they do get.
6_ A lot of people think that when you are having a back pain you should rest on your bed , but it is not true. In fact, back care said that you should keep moving and continue your normal activities is the best course. But , if your back did not get batter you should visit the doctor.



Reading while driving
A 40-year-old bus driver in Oregon was caught reading a kindle while driving a bus full of passengers during rush-hour on a I-5, which is a major highway. A passenger used a cell phone to secretly film Lahcan Qouchbane. Passengers were shocked to see reading while driving. When Qouchbane reading while driving. Some passengers called the company to complain. When realized he was filmed, he told the passenger that electronic devices are not allowed on a bus! The driver got in trouble but was not fired.


Watch your back
According to a survey reported by The National Back Pain Association , back hip and neck problem are common in 50% of school children. Every single one of us has back pain because modern lifestyles. The problem is “ back pain is not selective by age, gender or occupation “.
Illness or symptom ?
Back pain is not an illness . it is a symptom . back pain is the body’s way to know you have a problem in yours spine or muscle . if you feel pain in your back you should go to doctor immediately .

The ‘invisible’ condition
There is no symptoms for the back problems, it is not like the other health problems which appear, and because of that you need your word to let the others know about your pain.

Family tension
Back injuries can lead to a lot of family tension. If a person has a back injury he will depend on the other family members to help him so , he put a lot of stress on them specially if the person has young children the family have to spend money to bring baby-sitter . In addition , the healthy partner is going to be the manager of the house that will put a lot of responsibility on him.

Quality of life
There are many things that can change and impact your life. Moreover, can you think about your life without pleasures that we so easily take for granted such as playing with children or playing any type of sports? Its really impossible to ensure your life without any back pain. On the other hand if you care about yourself the risk will reduce.

It won’t affect me
Statistics said that 80% of people suffer from back pain at some stage in their loves . “ At the upper end of the scale the impact does have serious consequences that can result in a major fall in quality of life, both at work and in the home .”


My essayA lot of people in the whole world get sick every day for different reasons. One of these reasons it may be shocking , but we can get sick from food to be specific botulism . Botulism is muscle – paralyzing disease. It is caused by toxin ( poison) mad by the bacteria ( Reading). In this essay I will discuss some of the causes and effects of botulism .

There are a number of causes of botulism . First , botulism does not spread from person to person , but from botulism food . For example , if you want to eat some food and you did not cooked and heated enough the bacteria will appeared in the food and then it will transfer for you ( Reading ). Second , botulism is connected with home – canned foods that have a low- acid content like green beans, beets and corn. However, out breaks of botulism have occurred from more unusual sources. These include garlic in oil , chili peppers and home canned food. Honey can also contain botulism bacteria ( Reading) . Furthermore, for wound botulism to appeared it needs to get to the wound and to have the right elements to produce the toxin ( Reading ) .

Botulism has many negative effects on the body . First of all , it effect on our nervous system in many bad ways such as double vision , dry mouth , difficulty swallowing , muscle paralysis , and slurred speech ( Reading ) . In addition it might causes paralysis which mean the muscle cannot contract . However , infants with botulism appear , lazy , weak , feed poorly and weak ton so, they will not cry as they do.

To conclude , there are several causes of botulism . For example , if a person want to eat some food if he did not heated or cooked enough the bacteria will appeared in the food which transfer for that person . Furthermore , botulism can lead to paralysis in that case you will not be able to move . In addition , home 0 canned food which have a low- acid is connected to botulism . Finally , I hope you are now more educated about botulism and what is the causes and the effects of it.