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My name is Ayesha Aljabri , I am 18 years old, I live with my parents in al- Shahama. However, I graduated from Aisha school last year. My hobbies are swimming, singing, horse riding and paint ball .When I grow up I want to be a famous lawyer so I can help the others to get out from their problems, where I want to gain a strong personality. I entered Zayed University because I want to improve my English and to be successful in life to serve my country. I always wanted to complete my studies unlike my mum who was graduated from high school. I promised myself to get the best ever to my children in the future. I hope that information is enough for you to know about me.

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Michael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at Atlantis marine park aquarium in New York in June 17 2010 . using radio headset , Michael and April exchange vows with friends and family in Sunday. People joked that saying that it will began as a traditional wadding , but will get a little weird. Her parents said she is a unique girl. For example , she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger. The couples said that they did not expect so much attention from the media. April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom.

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Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people in the world who have a rare disease that keeps her from gaining weight. Lizzie is 20-yers-old , blind in one eye and has never weighed more than 60 pounds (28kg). Lizzie was so small when she was borned -21 pounds (1kg)- that her perants had to dress her in doll clothes. Lizzie's life has been difficult. People often stare at her and say mean things. However, her mother has kept a diary of Lizzie's life and all the difficulties she's survived. Today Lizzie is a healthy persone and travels around the country telling her story and inspireing people with her courage to be a normal person.

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Osteoarthritis is one of the horrible disease. This disease’s symptoms are not easily to notice , but when the time pass the pain of this condition cause a lot of pain. Unfortunately this disease have no cure but treatment could help the patient to be active, walking and moving as possible. Furthermore there are certain foods that might prevent the patient from the pain that will come after developing this illness. These food include cold-water fish for example tuna , organic fruit and vegetable.

A women named Kate Mori lives with her husband Masao in Canada. Kate is a kindergarten and she speaks English and French. Kate also studies Japanese and art history at high school. Kate and her husband like to go to art galleries. She also plays tennis and goes skating on the canal.
Kate just got married to Masao, who is Japanese. She wants to learn Japanese to be able to speak with his family. Masao tried to help her, but she cannot concentrate at home.


Kemal is studying chemistry at the university, and he also take Spanish lessons twice a week. He always liked learning different languages.
Sun-Hi is learning English because in his job the English is required.


On May 19, 2010, a bus driver was driving down the road at night when he saw a baby setting in the middle of the road. At first, he thought it was a dog . however, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he stopped the bus, got out and saw a young girl. A few seconds later, the baby’s father came running out of the house, picked up the baby, and ran back to the house without saying anything to the bus driver. The girl is two-years-old, Destiny Flores. Her mother, who is 25-years-old says she has no idea how Destiny got out of the house. Perhaps she did not lock the door and the little girl went outside. Now the police are questioning the mother.

Man hit by bus A shocking video shows a young man named Shawn Mills being hit head on by a car. He was thrown 15 feet (5 meters ) in the air and landed on the top of the car and then under a bus. he had very series back car head and leg injuries. Incredibly, however, car he lives, but he does not remember anything. Shawn was lucky because people stops immediately to help him. His lawyer is trying to get money from the city because the bus should not drop people on this kind of road. It is very dangerous. Shawn is in a lot of pain, but he is recovering.

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Diabetes controls how the body uses glucose. Glucose is the most important type of sugar that we can find in our blood and it provides for us energy. We can find in certain food like bread, rice, sugar and sweet food. The amount of glucose is connected with the insulin, so people which have diabetics their body does not produce enough of insulin. As a result their blood glucose levels become too high.

It’s talked about two types of diabetes, the one which shows before age 40 (your body doesn’t produce any insulin). And we can treat it by insulin injections and changing the diet. The other type is when the body’s insulin doesn’t do the fullest job by producing enough insulin, and it’s the most common.

Another type of diabetes called “adult onset diabetes” , because most people get it in the age of 35. Moreover type 2 has been developing in young people and even in children.

The majority people with diabetes are women, because of circumstances during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes women who have diabetes during pregnancy and who have given birth to large babies.

People who develop” adult onset diabetes “are overweight. They have too much body fat in their body, so they should do some exercise. The numbers of youngsters with type 2 diabetes increasing.

They are two main reasons for diabetes. The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason is genetic cause which is more common.

D7 . Symptoms of diabetes : - Increased tiredness.- Using the bathroom a lot.- Increased thirst and hunger.- Losing weight.- The person may can’t see clearly.8.Most people who have type 2 diabetes are more likely to have high blood pressure. Also not everyone with type 2 diabetes has these symptoms. Only the doctor can give a proper diagnosis.E9. It is important to treat type 2 diabetes because this type of diabetes can lead you to a risk. For instance , it can lead to heart disease , blindness , eyesight problems , and kidney damage in some people .10 . People with type 2 diabetes should do certain things to lower blood glucose levels like, eat a healthy diet and exercise, but if that does not work for them then they should use medication to lower the blood glucose levels.

The Price of P E A C E


Do you like reading about conflicts? If you do, The price of peace by Christine Lindop is your book. It contain five stories where the main characters have to resolve difficult situations. The first story is about a couple who is not married. Ayo (the woman) wants to marry Ajayi (the man) but the moment never comes. The second story is about a man who is disappointed with his life, because he had a sad past and his work is very repetitive. One day, he starts dreaming, but his dreams soon disappear. The main characters of the third story are two sisters that have different points of view about relationships. The fourth story talks about the exile of two friends, and finally, in the fifth story, we can read about a “special miracle”. The best story, in my opinion, is the third “Two Sisters”, because it´s very entertaining and talks about the relationships, love, the avarice of the people, that makes a very amazing story. I think the book is a little bit difficult to understand if your mother tongue is not English, but I think you´ll enjoy it if you like philosophy, politics and religion topics.
Type 2 Diabetes Explained

A1 - The disease diabetes affects how the body uses glucose . glucose is the main type of sugar in our blood . It comes from certain foods .The people who have diabetes their bodies does not produce insulin . As a result , their blood glucose levels become too high . Diabetics need treatment to protect their blood glucose level .

A2 - there are two types of diabetes . In type 1 diabetes that the body cannot produce any insulin and it usually appears before age 40 . It cane treated by insulin injections and a change of diet . Type 2 diabetes that the body can't produce enough insulin and it more common than type 1 &95 percent of people have develop type 2 .

B1 - There are 2 types of diabetes the first type called “adult onset diabetes , because it often affects people over 35 years of age . on the other hand type 2 diabetes can affect young people .

B2 - women during pregnancy and child birth have an increased risk of getting type 2 diabetes . that type of is called " gestational diabetes .

C5 - people who are overweight have type 2 diabetes , it's because too much fat that makes it difficult for the insulin to respond . They can void that by a little exercise and lack of activity reduce .

C6 - They are two main reason for diabetes . The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason is genetic cause which is more common . Scientists believe that the genetic link is probably . stronger in type 2diabetes than in type 1 .

D.7-Symptoms of type 2 diabetes can take a long time to become noticed .

And the common warning signs are :

      • An increased need to use the bathroom because the kidneys are trying to get rid of the glucose.
      • Unexplained weight loss .
*Increased hunger.
      • Blurred vision .
*Increased thirst resulting in .**