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My name is Ayesha . I’m 17 years old . I will be 18 next month on the 14 of December . I ‘m study at Zayed university . Now I study levels to improve my English . Then I will start to study seriously in the university . I like to design and I hope to be a good designer in the future . About my personality , I am so helpful , kind and I’m very honest . I like my friends , and if they are good to me I will give them my eyes if they need it . This is my personality not in my eyes but in the people eyes because nobody can see her personality or what they look like in relationship with people . I like also to watch matches for football , especially Alwahda club . This is a little information about me . I hope you can understand my personality , and I’m sure you will know more about me in the 2 month .


Wedding with shark

Michael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marine Park Aquarium in New York on Jun 7.2010 . Using radio headset , Michael and April exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday . April joked by saying that it will begin as a traditional wedding , but will get a little weird . Her parents said she is a unique girl . For example , she wanted to be an auto mechanic she was younger . The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media , April said the most difficult part was convince her mam .

" Lizzie Velasquez "

Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people in the world who has a rare disease that keeps her from gaining a weight Lizzie is 20-years-old, blind in one eye and has never weighted more than 6opounds (1bs) (28 kg ). Lizzie was so small when she was born 21 pounds (1bs)(1kg) – that her parents had to dress her in doll closes . Lizzie life have been difficult people often stare at her and say mean things. However, her parents always treated her as a normal child .Her mother kept a diary of Lizzies’s life and all the difficulties she is survived. Today lizzie is a healthy person and travel around the countries telling her story inspired people with her courage to be a normal person .

" Osteoarthritis "

Osteoarthritis is a dangerous disease which affects the bones. People with Osteoarthritis often have joint pain and reduced motion .That disease can develop and may be the patient can’t ever move .It is spread is overweight people .These patients have special food like tuna ,orgasmic fruit and vegetables. This disease can’t be cured , so we take care about our self .


1.1 A woman named Kate Mori lives with her husband Masao in Canada. Kate is a kindergarten teacher, and she speaks English and French. Kate also studies Japanese and art history at night school. Kate and her husband like to go to art galleries. She also plays tennis and goes skating on the canal.


1.2 Kate just got married to Masao, who is Japanese .She wants to learn Japanese to be able to speak with his family.Masao tried to help her, but she cannot concentrate at home.


1.3 Kemal study chemistry at university , also he has Spanish lessons twice a week . On the other hand Sun – Hi learn English because she must use it with the visitors in her work at international company .

Textbook - P.16

" A "

1. diabetes is disease that the body does not produces any insulin .It’s comes from the food that we eat it daily like bread , rice,sugar and sweet food . We need insulin to help glucose inter our cells to get energy . Diabetic need treatment to be as normal as possible .2. There are 2 type of diabetes . According to quick medical type 2 is more common than type 1,type 1 diabetes causes when the body cannot produce any insulin and it’s appears befor the age of 40 . On the other hand ,type 2 become when the body does not enough insulin .

" B "

3. Type 2, which is most common in tangiers and young adults and it’s called " adult onset diabetes .4.Type 2 diabetes spread in women during pregnancy and childbirth. And it called " gestational diabetes "

" C "

5. type 2 diabetes spread in overweight young people around the world .Its causes by body fat and its difficult for the cells to respond insulin . 6. They are two main reasons for diabetes. The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason is genetic cause which is more common.

" D "

7.Type 2 diabetes has many symptoms, first increased tiredness ,and people spend a lot of the time in the bathrooM,unexplained hunger, thirst and blurred vision .8. Only doctor give a proper diagnosis.Not all patient how have these symptomsshould have types 2 diabetes .

" E "

9. We should treat type 2 diabetes because it will develop into heart diseaseand other health problems like kidney damage.10. Patients with type 2 diabetes need to take care about their healthy dietand do exercises . Exercises make their muscles use up more glucose .

" Little Girl and the Bus "
external image 231621.jpg

On May 19, 2010, a bus driver was driving down the road at night when he saw a baby setting in the middle of the road. At first, he thought it was a dog . however, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he stopped the bus, got out and saw a young girl. A few seconds later, the baby’s father came running out of the house, picked up the baby, and ran back to the house without saying anything to the bus driver. The girl is two-years-old, Destiny Flores. Her mother, who is 25-years-old says she has no idea how Destiny got out of the house. Perhaps she did not lock the door and the little girl went outside. Now the police are questioning the mother.

" The man hit by bus "
external image bus.gif

A shocking video shows a young man named Shawn Mills being hit head on by a car. He was thrown 15 feet (5 meters ) in the air and landed on the top of the car and then under a bus. He had very series back car head and leg injuries. Incredibly, however, car he lives, but he does not remember anything. Shawn was lucky because people stops immediately to help him. His lawyer is trying to get money from the city because the bus should not drop people on this kind of road. It is very dangerous. Shawn is in a lot of pain, but he is recovering .

" Text book " b.21

1.Type to diabetes disease is develops because it is genetic disease and can be transmitted from mother to daughter by genetics. So the daughter should prevent diabetes by eating healthy food ,do activities that she enjoys like exercise. Also teach the daughter about fast food that contains fat and calories to have normal life without any disease .2 . All patients with diabetes should take advice from a dietitian. Every patient will get different advice depending on the type of diabetes. Dietitians should take the weight and activity levels for the patient. If you have an insulin or certain medication you will take snacks between meals .3. Most people with diabetes can eat with sugar as the total amount of carbohydrates. They can also eat consistent snacks between the meals. Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy in your life .

Public Information sheet – what is botulism ?

external image Botulism_bacteria.jpg

What does botulism mean?

Botulism is a muscle-paralyzing disease(p.27).It is happened because a toxin (venom) that made by the bacteria Clostridium botulin .Also the bacteria always not dangerous except infants and some people.

There are three main types of botulism :

The first type of botulism is by eating foods contain the toxin.Infant botulism that is caused by bacteria when babies not have enough bacteria in their stomachsto stop toxins developing.Injure botulism occurs when you have injures with a bacteria which causes toxin .

How is botulism spread ?

Botulism does not spread from person to person , but from botulism food .The bacteria will occur when there is no oxygen present in the food so we should heat the food before we eat it to kill the bacteria. However , infants can get food botulism also by eating food which contain bacteria.

What are the symptoms ?

According to the reading , wound botulism and foodborne can produce the symptoms. It include blurred, dry mouth , difficulty swallowing , muscle weakness and paralysis.Some people can’t breathe because of this disease. It is unfortunate that it may cause death.

How son do symptoms appear after exposure ?

The symptoms for food borne botulism appear after 12 to 36 hours .In fact botulism symptoms appear between 3 and 30 days after ingestion of the bacteriaBut symptoms appear in wound botulism between 4 and 14 days .After exposure to the bacteria .

How is botulism diagnosed?

The patient who may have botulism should get special tests because there aremany diseases that have the same symptoms of botulism.

How is botulism treated ?

Botulism can be deadly if not treated . You can treat botulism by anti – toxin that can decrease the symptoms of the illness . Anti – toxin is not allowed in cases of infant botulism .

What foods can lead to botulism ?

Botulism are often connected with home - canned foods that have a low acid content , such as green beans and corn ,act . But it usually occurred from unusual sourceslike garlic in oil and also honey can contain botulism bacteria .

Text - p 50

1.People with back problems have rising numbers in recent years. Studies show that Britain , at least 5.5 million are people re-examined by doctors annually. Some of cases can become more serious.

2. According to study showed that an estimated one in four people over the age of 65 have back pain While it is not common between young people.

3. We need to know why most people have problem with their back. Also we all have 33 small bones that are called vertebrae.

4. There are two main causes of this disease .The first cause that a disc is damaged in some way . And the most common cause when the muscles are strained . It happens if you do a hard activity or something like that . Also , stress and tension can increase the amount of pain .

5.The main cause of back pain is our inactive modern lifestyles . the best solution for back pain is keeping active , and doing exercise . For example , people who are physically fit generally get less back pain and cure faster if they do get.

6. A lot of people think that when you are having a back pain you should rest on your bed , but it is not true. In fact, back care said that you should keep moving and continue your normal activities is the best course. But , if your back did not get batter you should visit the doctor.