" about me "
My name is Hajar Mohammed Almansoori . I’m 17 years old , and I was born on 16-11-1993 . I have 3 sister , and 3 brothers .My favorite hobbies are reading , drawing , playing basketball, swimming , riding horse . and editing pictures . I have around 200 friend , but my best friends are Mariam and Fatima . I love all my friends because they are friendly , lovely , and kindly .In the future , I will study international relations , because I like anything that is related to the history of countries.



“Wedding with Sharks”

Michael Curry and April Bijnataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marine park aquarium in new York , on June 7 , 2011 using radio have head set . Michael and April exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday. April joked by saying that it will begin as traditional wedding , but will get a little weird .Her parent said she is a unique girl . For example , she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger . the couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media . April said the most difficult part convince her MOM .



"Lizzie Velasquez"
Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people in the world who has a rare disease that keeps her from gaining weight. Lizzie is -20- years old, blind in one eye and has never weighed more than 60 pounds (1bs) (28kg). Lizzie was so small when she was born _21 pounds (1bs) (1kg)_ that her parents had to dress her in doll clothes. Lizzie’s life has been difficult. People often stare at her and say mean things. However, her parents always treated her as a normal child. Her mother has kept a diary of Lizzie’s life and all the difficulties she’s survived. Today Lizzie is a healthy person and travels around the country telling her story and inspiring people with her courage to be normal person.


Osteoarthritis is a earnest bone disease .In the beginning of this diseases one can hardly know the symptoms , but over time the condition develops and causes a lot of pain . After the condition develops , the patient maybe cannot move or walk easily . there is no medicine for this condition . However , the treatment can help the person to move and walk. The treatment has different kinds of food that helps to reduce the pain . A good example for these foods are cold water , fish , organic fruit , vegetables , nuts , and whole grains . The most people who are attacked by osteoarthritis are overweight people , because that those people should avoid food which has a lot of saturated fat . For instance , people with osteoarthritis should stay away from saturated fat because it has hormones that affect the bones and joints .


" summary "
1.1a woman named Kate Mori lives with her husband Masao in Canada . Kate is a kindergarten teacher , and she speaks English and French . Kate also studies Japanese and art history at night school . Kate and her husband like to go to art galleries . She also plays tennis and goes skating on the canal .


1.2Kate just got married to Masao , who is Japanese . She wants to learn Japanese to be able to speak with his family .Masao tired to help her , but concentrate at home .

1.3 Kamel studying chemistry at university . also, he has Spanish lesson twice a week . He learns Spanish , because he likes reading in Spanish .
Sun – Hi learns English , because she needs to speak English in her work . She speaks English with the visitors from other countries in her work in international company .




1.7 It is about a girl who loves motorbikes and she want to learn how to ride it. At first it was hard then it became easy and she feels that she is free when she ride the motorbike.


1.11 It is about a person who is an archaeologist and in the same time a student , because she is still doing a doctorate in archaeology.

1.15 It is about a person who is looking for work in certain areas . She has a lot of experience in sales , administration and she has a certificate in food safety for catering.







" summary of book "


" Summary ( Text – p .16 ) "

  1. Diabetes controls how the body uses glucose. Glucose is the most important type of sugar that we can find in our blood and it provides for us energy. We can find in certain food like bread, rice, sugar and sweet food. The amount of glucose is connected with the insulin, so people which have diabetics their body does not produce enough of insulin. As a result their blood glucose levels become too high.

  1. It’s talked about two types of diabetes, the one which shows before age 40 (your body doesn’t produce any insulin). And we can treat it by insulin injections and changing the diet. The other type is when the body’s insulin doesn’t do the fullest job by producing enough insulin, and it’s the most common.


  1. Another type of diabetes called “adult onset diabetes” , because most people get it in the age of 35. Moreover type 2 has been developing in young people and even in children.
  2. The majority people with diabetes are women, because of circumstances during pregnancy and childbirth. This includes women who have diabetes during pregnancy and who have given birth to large babies.


  1. People who develop” adult onset diabetes “are overweight. They have too much body fat in their body, so they should do some exercise. The numbers of youngsters with type 2 diabetes increasing.
  2. They are two main reasons for diabetes. The first one is lifestyle disease and the second reason is genetic cause which is more common.
7 . Symptoms of diabetes :
- Increased tiredness.
- Using the bathroom a lot.
- Increased thirst and hunger.
- Losing weight.
- The person may can’t see clearly.
8.Most people who have type 2 diabetes are more likely to have high blood pressure. Also not everyone with type 2 diabetes has these symptoms. Only the doctor can give a proper diagnosis.
9. It is important to treat type 2 diabetes
because this type of diabetes can lead you to a risk. For instance , it can lead to heart disease , blindness , eyesight problems , and kidney damage in some people .
10 . People with type 2 diabetes should do certain things to lower blood glucose levels like, eat a healthy diet and exercise, but if that does not work for them then they should use medication to lower the blood glucose levels.


" Little girl and the bus "
On May 19, 2010, a bus driver was driving down the road at night when he saw a baby setting in the middle of the road. At first, he thought it was a dog . however, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he stopped the bus, got out and saw a young girl. A few seconds later, the baby’s father came running out of the house, picked up the baby, and ran back to the house without saying anything to the bus driver. The girl is two-years-old, Destiny Flores. Her mother, who is 25-years-old says she has no idea how Destiny got out of the house. Perhaps she did not lock the door and the little girl went outside. Now the police are questioning the mother.


" The man hit by bus "
A shocking video shows a young man named Shawn Mills being hit head on by a car. He was thrown 15 feet (5 meters ) in the air and landed on the top of the car and then under a bus. he had very series back car head and leg injuries. Incredibly, however, car he lives, but he does not remember anything. Shawn was lucky because people stops immediately to help him. His lawyer is trying to get money from the city because the bus should not drop people on this kind of road. It is very dangerous. Shawn is in a lot of pain, but he is recovering .


" Diabetes "
text B . page 21

1.Type 2 diabetes is a genetic disease and it is common to the people who are 40 years old . In addition , teenagers who are overweight and inactive are expose to get diabetes so we should be a good role model for them if we want them to avoid this disease .We can do a lot of things to educate them in many difference ways like training with them on regular
basis , learn information about fast food and take your daughter with you to see a dietitian he will gave you a lot of useful advice to avoid this disease.
2. Every person with diabetes should have different advice from a dietitian . a meal plan will help you to repair your lifestyle . the advice given to each person will be different according to the type of diabetes , any other medical problems , and the medication you are taking for your diabetes . the dietitian will account your weight , and activity levels . if you are on insulin or certain medication to may have snacks to balance the effect of the insulin or medication.

3.If you have diabetes it does not mean that you cannot eat anything. In 1994 it was common that people who live with diabetes should avoid all sweets and desserts, but
today the message is different. Most people who have diabetes can eat anything they want including sugar or not, it is up to them.

"Man with Pea"
A man named Ron Sveden became ill after a plant grew in one of his lungs. Apparently , Ron inhaled a pea while eating dinner one day. The result was that the pea grew in to a plant inside his lung , which collapsed . Doctors were afraid it was something serious like cancer , but after they did tests they realized what happened . Ron was coughing a lot , but he was happy to learn that it was not serious. In fact , his first meal in the hospital in cloud peas after they removed the plant.



"Relative clauses sentences"
  1. I have a friend who has red hair .
  2. ZU is the university that was opened in 1998 .
  3. Abu Dhabi , which is the capital of UAE , is a very pretty city .
  4. Titmice, which had hidden in the leafy shade of mountains all summer, perched on the gutter.
  5. There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come .


"Public Information sheet – what is botulism ?"
What does botulism mean?
botulism is a muscle-paralyzing disease . It is happened because a toxin (venom) that made by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum . also the bacteria always not Dangerous except infants and some people.
There are three main types of botulism :
. the first type of botulism is by eating foods containthe toxin.
. infant botulism that is caused by bacteria when babiesnot have enough bacteria in their stomachs to stop toxins developing.
.injure botulism occurs when you have injures with abacteria which causes toxin .

How is botulism spread ?

Botulism does not spread from person to person , butfrom botulism food . The bacteria will occur when there is no oxygen present inthe food so we should heat the food before we eat it to kill the bacteria. However , infants can get food botulism also by eating food which containbacteria.
What are the symptoms ?
According to the reading , wound botulism and foodborne can produce the symptoms. It include blurred, dry mouth , difficulty swallowing , muscle weakness and paralysis. Some people can’t breathe because of this disease. It is unfortunate that it may cause death.
How son do symptoms appear after exposure ?
The symptoms for food borne botulism appear after 12 to 36 hours .In fact botulism symptoms appear between 3 and 30 days after ingestion of the bacteria .But symptoms appear in wound botulism between 4 and 14 days .after exposure to the bacteria .
How is botulism diagnosed?
The patient who may have botulism should get special tests because there are many diseases that have the same symptoms of botulism.
How is botulism treated ?
Botulism can be deadly if not treated . you can treat botulism by anti – toxin that can decrease the symptoms of the illness . Anti – toxin is not allowed in cases of infant botulism .
What foods can lead to botulism ?
Botulism are often connected with home - canned foods that have a low acid content , such as green deans and corn ,atc . But it usually occurred from unusual sources like garlic in oil and also honey can contain botulism bacteria .
How can botulism be prevented ?
People who do home canning should be clean and follow strict hygiene procedures .To reduce contamination of food . They should but the food in high temperatures to destroy the botulism toxin . And the people who eat home canned food should boiled it for 10 min before eating it .


"Text - p 50"
1_ People with back problems have rising numbers in recent years. Studies show that Britain , at least 5.5 million are people re-examined by doctors annually. Some of cases can become more serious.

2_ According to study showed that an estimated one in four people over the age of 65 have back pain While it is not common between young people.

3_ We need to know why most people have problem with their back. Also we all have 33 small bones that are called vertebrae.

4_ There are two main causes of this disease .The first cause that a disc is damaged in some way . And the most common cause when the muscles are strained . It happens if you do a hard activity or something like that . Also , stress and tension can increase the amount of pain .

5_ The main cause of back pain is our inactive modern lifestyles . the best solution for back pain is keeping active , and doing exercise . For example , people who are physically fit generally get less back pain and cure faster if they do get.

6_ A lot of people think that when you are having a back pain you should rest on your bed , but it is not true. In fact, back care said that you should keep moving and cotinue your normal activities is the best course. But , if your back did not get batter you should visit the doctor.


"Bus Driver"
A 40-year-old bus driver in Oregon was caught reading a kindle while driving a bus full of passengers during rush-hour on a I-5, which is a major highway. A passenger used a cell phone to secretly film Lahcan Qouchbane. Passengers were shocked to see reading while driving. Some passenger called the company to complain. When Qouchbane reading while driving. When realized he was filmed, he told the passenger that electronic devices are not allowed on a bus! The driver got in trouble but was not fired.


Diabetes essay
Diabetes is serious disease which affects the body’s glucose . Glucose is main source of energy and sugar in the blood . we get glucose from starchy foods like potatoes , rice , bread and sweets . However , the body needs insulin to produce glucose in order to go into the cells . Diabetics do not produce insulin . consequently , their glucose levels become dangerously low . this creates many health problems . in this essay I will discuss some of the causes and effects of diabetes . [Transition signals]
There are a number of causes of diabetes . First ,There are two kind of diabetes : Type 1 and Type 2. For example , Type 2 diabetes , which is the most common type and called “ adult onset diabetes “ is a result of people’s lifestyles ( Reading ) . For instance , many people who are fat develop diabetes because they do not exercise , and it is difficult for their bodies ‘ cell to produce insulin . Furthermore , many of these overweight people live in rich countries ( Reading). Second , some women can get type 2 diabetes from pregnancy and childbirth if the babies weight more than 4.1 kilos when they are born . This is called “ gestational diabetes” (Reading) . Third , there are some genetic cause for Type 1 and 2 . For instance , 45% to 80% of people with type 2 have parents that have the same problem . Actually , Type 2 has stronger genetic factor than Type 1 . (Reading ).
Diabetes has many negative effects on the body .First of all , people with type 2 diabetes often do not even know they have because the symptoms are not clear .For example , people may be tired , thirsty , hungry and have to go to the bathroom a lot because the person’s kidneys are trying to get rid of the glucose . However , they lose too much water and body does not get enough nutrition ( Reading ) . Second , people with diabetes can have with their vision and high pressure , which is very dangerous . (Reading ). Third , if it is left un treated , diabetes can lead to very serious health problems such as kidney damage and heart disease , which kills many people ( Reading) .
To conclude , there are several causes of diabetes . For example , type 2 diabetes is the most common , and it is caused by poor lifestyle choices such as eating habits and lack of exercise . Furthermore , pregnant women and genetic factors are also causes of diabetes . As a result , diabetes has serious medical consequences . For instance , people often feel tired , thirsty hungry , and they must go to the bathroom often . Also , without medical attention , diabetes , may result in vision problems , kidney damage and heart disease . Finally , I hope that scientists find a cure for this terrible disease in the future .

There are many diseases apparent now, and we didn't have them before, such as diabetes, and botulism which is a muscle _ paralyzing disease. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of botulism.
There are many causes of botulism. The first cause of botulism is that bacteria clostridium botulinum. Bacteria clostridium botulinum can find in the ground. Also, it can live for a long time. Moreover, the bacteria can get into food if there is no oxygen in the food that produce toxin (Reading). According to that we know bacteria can cause botulism by producing toxin. We can see that in the three main types of botulism which are food borne botulism, infant botulism, and wound botulism. For instance, food borne botulism and infant botulism appear by eating food contain bacteria or toxin. Moreover , " wound botulism occurs when a wound is infected with the bacteria , which can release the toxin in the wound " (Reading ) . The second cause of botulism are metal food cans . For example , metal food can causes poison when the metal interacts with food .
On the other hand , there are many effects of botulism , such as affect nervous system , respiratory paralysis and breathless , and may it cause death . First of all , botulism affects the nervous system . For instance , people who get botulism can have double vision , dry mouth , difficulty swallowing m muscle weakness , muscle paralysis , and slurred speech . secondly , botulism causes respiratory paralysis and breathless Because of failure of the muscle that control airway and breathing (Reading) . Finally , botulism can cause death due to heart and lung failure .
To conclude , there are several causes of botulism . For example , bacteria which gets into food , and metal food can which cause poison . Also , there are several effects of botulism . For example , affects the nervous system respiratory paralysis and breathless , and cause death . Finally , I hope that people keep their food protected from bacteria . Also , I hope that scientist create new food can made from different material than metal .


"back pain"

Back pain is a pain that you feel in your back. Usually it originates from the muscle, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. Also, it is the sign that your body makes, so you know that there is a problem in your spine or in your muscles in the back (reading 2 ). In this essay, I will discuss some of the causes and effects of back pain .
There are two main causes of back pain . The first cause is a disc damage which is known as slipped disc ( Reading 1 ). Slipped disc is a medical condition that affects the spine due to trauma, lifting injuries, and idiopathic. The second cause is the most common cause that is happened when the muscles are strained. The muscles can be strained if you have been doing a tiring activity or if you have been sitting in uncomfortable place for a long time. Backache is rarely related to the damage in your spine, but mostly it comes from inactive muscles in your back ( Reading 1 ) .
On the other hand, there are many effects of back pain . First of all, it makes many different health problems, such as kidney disease and backache ( Reading 2 ). Second , it cause family tension . For example, someone who cannot get out of bed, will put a lot of stress on other family members ( Reading 2 ). This person may has young children who will may have emotional problems because of the sickness of this person. Finally, it affects the quality of life . For example, if you have a back pain, you won’t be able to play, walk and move easily. This will make your life different than other people ( Reading 2 ).
To conclude, in this essay I talked about the causes and effects of back pain . There are several causes of back pain , such as slipped disc and strained muscles. In addition, there are several effects of back pain, such as health problems, family tension and change in the quality of life . Finally, I hope that people who has back pain make more exercise to get well and visit the doctor to make an examination .


“Domestic Transformer “
Hong Kong is one of the most populated cities in the world with 7 million people. It is surrounded by mountains and a very busy sea port. Apartments are very small and real estate is very expensive, so many families live together in very small crowded apartments. Architect, Gary Chang designed his 344 sq. ft.(14 sq. m.) apartment to be able to change into 24 different designs by moving walls around. Gary grew up in a very small crowded apartment with his family, so he decided to find a solution for this in his job as an architect. Garry calls his apartment the “Domestic Transformer “ because with his moving wall system Any room can be changed into another .


" Fanboys "


It’s all in your head

A lot of people suffer from headaches. There might be warning sings before headaches appears but sometimes it suddenly appears. And if you want to live with this headaches you must control it.
Tension headache
Tension headache is one of many types of headaches . There are two types of it , episodic and chronic . Episodic headaches happen several times a month but chronic headaches happen daily .
Warning signs
If we have a presentation , we feel stress and nervous .Sometimes muscle tension in your head , and it maybe causes a headache. You can relax before you present or take medicine .

As soon as you know the causes of your headache, you will be able to control stress. Also you will know more about headaches. Even though it’s hard to “take control of your headache”, but that will make you feel good both sides physically and emotionally .
First , recognize your important plans and find the balance that matches your personality . If something bothers you talk a friend or you family . Go to see someone at your college or university can help you .
Exercise and relaxation
The stress can reduce can be reduce by relaxing and sleeping and doing activities like walking ,running and piking, Also you can take quiet period in the library to listing or reading .
Self-esteem and accepting yourself
Do every things you like to do and try to do your best in these things . you don’t have to meet other expectation , because everyone has different abilities .
Food and drink
There are a lot of food and drinks make us have headache , such as chocolate, caffeine drinks .
If you have headache the first thing you should do is recognize the symptoms and the frequency. If the medication did not treat your headache you should see a specialist. Communication is important for the people who have headache.

"Plastic Bottle Island"

A man named Richie Sowa quit his job as a carpenter and sold all of his things, so that he could create his own island paradise. Richie built his island, which floats on plastic-bottles, in Mexico. It’s took him almost 3 years to find enough bottles, which he made by using fishing nets. Then he got a lot of sand from a nearby beach and put it on top to create a foundation. He grows plants, fruits and vegetables on the island, such as bananas, coconuts, spinach, almonds and tomatoes. He has a bathroom, a solar cooker and even a washing machine! He lives on the island with his two cats, a little puppy, chickens and a duck. The Mexican government likes his idea so much that they made his island a part of Mexico. His goal is to one day sail his island around the world!


"Movie summary "

On Thursday , I saw an action movie about a security man who has diabetes . The security man is called Paul Blart , who is a mild-mannered, occasionally square, overweight security officer who works at patrol in the West Orange Pavilion Mall. He lives with his mother and daughter . He dreams of being able to join the New Jersey State Police, but he always fails his entrance test due to his hypoglycemia. While on patrol at work riding his Segway PT, Blart notices a new wig kiosk and its vendor, Amy Anderson and is instantly attracted to her. Back at base, Blart has to take the new guy, Veck Simms, out on a patrol to train him. At the end of his shift, Blart becomes acquainted with Amy and escorts her to her yellow 1966 Ford Mustang convertible. Amy invites Blart to join her, Veck, and the rest of his friends at American Joe's, and Blart accepts and attends the event. At the event, however, Blart gets extremely drunk after drinking too much margarita during his nacho eating contest with Leon and crashes the stage that the band is playing on, culminating with him falling through one of the mall's windows. Blart feels as though he embarrassed Amy and that she doesn't like him anymore and Maya tries to cheer him up. On Black Friday at the shopping mall, Amy, Stuart, and other of Blart's colleagues are in the bank to cash their paychecks. While a gang of criminals suddenly break through the service entrance and take over the mall, Blart is distracted by playing Rock Band in the arcade zone. The criminals clear the mall, placing motion sensors along every entrance and exit doors, and take Amy, Stuart, Leon, and other of Blart's colleagues hostage in the bank. Veck is revealed to be a double agent and the ringleader of the hijackers, and plans to use the credit card codes from all the stores in the mall to steal $30 million and later fly to the Cayman Islands, taking the hostages with him. As Blart leaves the arcade, he notices that the mall has been taken over and calls the police who later show up outside the front entrance of the mall. Sergeant Howard instructs Blart to leave the mall immediately, but when Blart sees Amy's car in the parking lot, he realizes that he must rescue Amy and everyone else. The SWAT team soon arrives and Commander James Kent, who bullied Blart in high school, takes control of the situation. Blart is vastly outnumbered and physically outclassed, but fights against the gang members through improvised measures. Maya shows up to bring Blart his dinner, but Veck's henchmen intercept her and take her hostage as well. After Blart works his way through all of Veck's underlings, he attempts to extract the hostages by pulling them up into an airvent via the rope, but fails after Leon cannot fit and when Veck enters the room, Blart is captured. Veck demands to have the credit card codes and Blart is forced to fling him the phone that contains the codes. Veck escapes with the codes and holds Amy and Maya at gunpoint.


"record listening scripts"

















"summary of killers movie"

The movie about a girl who went to Europe with her parents while she was there she met a guy but she didn’t know that he is a spy. She pretended that she is sick to go on a date without her parents knowing . when she went out to the date her parents was in the same place by coincident. Then she lied about knowing her father .


"Mall interview project"
Over 186,579,300 people migrate from their countries (Wikipedia). A lot of people from all over the world migrate to other countries for several reasons. Most of them come from poor countries, such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Philippines. In this essay, I will discuss the causes and effects of migration.
There are many causes of migration. First of all, many people migrate to find a good job. For example, Nandie –interviewee 25 years old- migrated from Philippines to UAE to find a good job. He left his country to get money for his family. Second, many young people migrate to learn and complete their higher education. For instance, there are many foreigners migrate to the UAE, and they join the universities. They get high certificates, which help them to find jobs. Finally, a lot of people travel because of political reasons. For example, many people from Palestine and Iraq migrate because of the wars in their countries.
On the other hand, there are several effects of migration. Some of these effects are negative and others are positive. Firstly, the positive things are that in the UAE they have high salary compare to their countries. Moreover, most of them have safe and comfortable place to live. For instance, the companies bring them with contracts which protect their rights. Secondly, there are several disadvantages of migration on the Immigrants. Sometimes they need their families, and they feel like homesick. Also, some of them scared of living with strange people. For instance, some of the home maid when they arrive to UAE, they escaped without any reason. Finally, migration affects the population in the country. For example, local people in the UAE are less than 15%.
To sum up, there are many causes and effects of migration. The causes are finding a good job, safe life and better education. In contrast, there are negative and positive effects. The positive effects include high salary and comfortable place to live. The negative effects include homesick, alienation and fear.In my opinion, we must respect immigrants who migrate tour country, because they will not travel if they don’t have a need there.
Non - citizen interview


"Common cold"

There are many changes that happen in the earth. These changes pollute the environment and cause many diseases. There are many common illnesses, such as headache and cold. The common cold is a very familiar illness which develops in winter. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of the common cold.
There are two main causes of the common cold .the first cause is the cold which caused by cold outside and air condition .For example, if the weather is cold outs side. people will stay at home, and they will turn on the air condition which makes air dry by removing moisture or water from the air (reading). The dry air makes the inside of the our noses dry. That will destroy the ability of our noses to protect us from viruses (Reading). The second reason is that rhinoviruses are nose viruses in Greek .For instance viruses can spread between people by touch ,so we can find a lot of viruses on doors public telephones, chairs ,tables money and food (Reading).

There are many effects of common cold. The common cold will affect the upper part of the respiratory tract, which includes our noses, our throat, and the upper part of our airways (Reading). The effect of common cold in the upper part of the respiratory track causes sneeze, cough, headache, slight fever, fell pain, and loss of appetite (Reading). Also, the common cold can affect the ability of the work and study, because the symptoms can last between a few days and two weeks. For example, when people get the common cold, they will take several days off school or off work that will make them missing school, and work (Reading).
To conclude, there are two main causes of common cold, which is cold and nose viruses .Also, there are many effect of common cold, such as sneezing, coughing and watering eyes. Finally I hope people take care of them self from viruses cold until the scientists find cure.


Fast food – fast change

There are many changes have happened in the world in the last years. Those changes affect cultures .For instance, fast food is one of the changes that affects the cultures by replacing traditional food. Fast food is kind of food that we can prepare very quickly. At present , fast food restaurants are spreading very quickly as not ant spot on earth can be free of them .In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of fast food.
There are many causes that lead to eat fast food. First of all, fast food is prepared more quickly than traditional food .That leads people to eat fast food. For example, in today’s busy world, people are busier and working longer hours, so they need something is prepared quickly to eat, like fast food (reading). second, fast food is cheaper than other types of food. For clarification, family meals in fast food restaurants cost around 100 Dhs, unlike family meal in traditional restaurant which may cost 300 Dhs .finally, fast food restaurant are less formal. For example, you can eat fast food in the restaurant with your hands. However, when you in fine dining restaurant, you have to eat with a spoon, knife, and fork.
On the other hand, there are many effects of fast food. Firstly, fast food causes obesity, which leads to overweight. In 2002, the world heart federation showed that around 1000000000 people in the world were dangerously fat (Reading).Secondly, fast food causes heart disease, cholesterol, and blood pressure. To illustrate , fast food contains saturated fat and salt , which blocks the heart arteries .finally, fast food cant affect the community by changing the traditional .For instance , people in the past sat down together to eat and share , but now they eat their food as quickly as possible ( Reading ).
To sum up, I talked about fast food. We saw there are many causes that push people to eat fast food. For example, fast food is quickly prepared, cheaper, and less formal. Also, we saw there were many effects of fast food. For example ,it causes obesity , heart disease , cholesterol , and blood pressure .In my opinion , people should eat healthier food , and avoid fast food because it dangers for them.


Creating a single culture”

In the present , the world is turning to one country. In terms of cultures , which refers to our lifestyle, including all social, religious , artistic, political and economic parts of globalization (Reading) .Global refers to the increasingly global relationships of culture , people, and economic activity (Wikipedia) .In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of globalization.
There are many causes of globalization First of all, people have a lot of money , and they don’t know how to spend it .For instance , people use their money on their leisure activities , hobbies , DVD players , stereos , personal computers (Reading). second, young people can cause globalization because they like to imitate foreign things. To illustrate, in GCC there are 25 million people under the age of 20, and most of these people like to wear jeans and t-shirt (Reading).Third, media has played role in globalization .For example, there a lot of media , such as movies television programs , music and computer software(Reading). Those media can affect the culture and traditional.
There are many effects. Firstly, the movies can influence on the language significantly. For instance , “ Hollywood makes 80% of the movies that are seen worldwide”(Reading).Moreover, all those movies should be in English language. Secondly , the globalization can change cultures and make it a global culture. Giles Jacob , said : “ America is not just interested in exporting its films. It is interested in exporting its way of life (Reading).According to Giles Jacob maybe in the future all word will be Americanized . Finally , globalization can cause brain drain . For example , “opportunities in rich countries attract skilled workers from poor countries , leading to brain drain” (Wikipedia).
To conclude , There are several causes of globalization ,such as money , media and teenagers . Furthermore , there are several effects of globalization , such as loss of language , global culture and brain drain . Finally , in my opinion life develops in many ways , and there are positive and negative changes . However , we should choose the right things.


Tourism essay

There were nearly 7.43 million tourists in the UAE in 2010.The united Arab Emirate is one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destination. The UAE was occupies rank fourth in tourism in the middle east. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effect of increased tourism in the UAE .

There are many causes of increased tourism in the UAE . First of all , the UAE has a strategic location. To illustrate , “ due to its location the UAE has been able to act as connection link between Europe and Indian subcontinent ( example essay .com). second , the UAE has all the requirements for a fun holiday such as sun , sea , sports , unbeatable shopping , top – class hotels , and restaurants (UAE interact).third , the UAE is a safe country compared to some countries . For instance , in the UAE you can go out any time you want .we can see elderly people walk in the street at 12 p.m. However , in some countries you must stay at 7 p.m.

On the other hand ,there are many effects of increased tourism in the UAE .Firstly, tourism affects on the local economy. For example “ the tourist dollar ($) is now a significant part of the local economy ,something which is very important when we think about uncertain future of increase from oil”(www.ugru.uae.ac.ae). Secondly, tourist can language, tradition and culture .To illustrate, tourists can transfer their change and affect our cultures. Finally ,tourists pollute the environment .For example, most places that attract tourists are the natural areas. There is a close relationship environment .When the number of tourism increase in the natural areas ,the pollution of the environment will increase because of the waste (www.appapers.com) .

To sum up ,there are many cause of increased tourism in the UAE such as location, safety and welfare. Also there are many effects of increased tourism in the UAE such as is an impact on the economy ,culture and the environment .Moreover ,while the disadvantages of tourism are certainly understandable ,the benefits offered by tourism make it well worldwide. Therefore, in my opinion, its advantage outweigh the drawbacks.